SheMax Company is an innovative Ukrainian company with its own production of premium electrical good for beauty salons and beauty masters. All of our innovations, technologies and developments are aimed at creating high tech, ergonomic and aesthetic equipment for the health and safety of beauty masters. 

Our main concern is the health of the nail technician master and his/her client!

Our goal is to create the perfect 'healthy' workspace!

We have developed a unique 'Air Bowl' ventilation system, which creates a 'tornado effect' inside the dust collector body and ensures that the dust is drawn in absolutely over the entire filter area and thus creates maximum protection for beauty masters and their clients. 

We are constantly improving and striving to create the highest quality product. Every detail, down to the smallest screw, is rigorously tested. Every stage of production and assembly is honed to perfection. 

Choosing a light, clean, minimalistic design, we are guided by the laws of aesthetics and ergonomics, thinking over every bend and element of the product so that the beauty master can not only work as efficiently as possible without harm to health, but also get aesthetic pleasure from the process. 

SHEMAX - excellence in detail.